The world is going through great transitions which the hope of the future could be made or be broken. Now is the chance for the Philippines to grasp the opportunity to advance its own interest. But this needs a strong, loyal, and patriotic leadership to face the challenges they would face. But with the corruption and the lack of morals of the Philippine leadership that are in power today, wholesale exploitation of the Philippine economy is threatening to break it into chaos and destroy its hopes. There are many with misguided ideas who believe that they are the answer to the problems of the country, though they only serve their own self-image and sense of self-righteousness that they have learned to cultivate from the expectations of the masses. Barking on all the shadows that they see yet failing to realize that their own shadow is bringing darkness over everyone. Programmed to break-down the system with their condemnation, prejudices, jealousy, greed, and self-promotion, they bring chaos to a system that needs order and sense to understand and to implement its own laws and ideals. Disrupting the government's processes to steal its powers to cultivate for their own self-interest, they never solve anything, yet they are very capable of breaking-down the system backed by powerful forces beyond their shadows. a pretentious mask to hide the fact that the government does not belong to the people and by the people. The network of powerful and influential dynasties in the Philippines is suspicious and afraid of a truly working democratic government. Since their grip and exploitation of the country would be contested and unraveled by the law and by the government itself. The democratic government is not being realized since the thrones are just being passed-around by these powerful families. Living through their own codes and laws, they use the legitimacy of the government to maintain their powers that are alien to any form of democracy. they were allowed to stay in power for the single fact that they owe the Filipino people its stolen dignity, rights, wealth, and power that needs to be returned through containment and fostering. Though these households are proving more problematic than a solution, they stab through the night, things and people disappear, and its parasitic hunger steals the harvest of the people. So, much like the symbolic politics that delay represented in America's own domestic politics, the day of liberation in the Philippine domestic politics has also dawned. With the presumptions that his legitimacy as the president's son and one of dynasty's privileged son, the changes that his actions bridge's solidarity with the masses. Thus legitimacy and validity to the claims of the masses and to the changes that they bring are established.

Filipino people are being raped and its economy exploited by greedy interests. Yet accountability is non-existence, and forgiveness is so easy to come-by to their fellow criminals. Expected to produce something for the masses to remain satisfied, they turn against small criminals to have someone to blame and to spill its blood. Disrupting and disturbing interests and transactions that are not under their control, yet interests and transactions that are legitimate belongs to the Filipino people. Interests and transactions at a grassroot level that are helping develop the economy of the regular citizens that could empower them to the levers of power of their own country. But instead they are being crushed, squeezed-out, cut-down, deprived, exploited, and destroyed by the much larger interests that belong to the powerful interests that are ruling the country, effectively depriving and denying the levers of powers that truly belongs to the people and by the people.

There are interests and parties that want the powers that have been invested for humanity, to own and posses it for their own greedy agendas. It may seem that there has been a consented agreement, but if you would study the transactions, the strategy barely escaped their greedy claws. There exists traitors, saboteurs, spies, foreign agents, domestic agents, free agents, the misguided, and of course the greedy ready to hijack the great endeavor. The forces and the elements of the unfolding new world order waged their war with and against the strategy. To a great personal sacrifice, the strategy was preserved yet it is not yet safe to speak about. That drone has been also used to purify the practice, which one could not blame his nature, character, and constitution. The temptations of its powers are his, but not the powers that belongs to humanity. Let him do what he's meant to do, he carries with him the promises of the masses. It would always be the people who would complete the practice, preserving the ideals of democracy through such difficulties. The myth of Palos is real, thanks to those who believes in the ideals of democracy and the love for the Filipino people. The single most important determining factor of the new world order is nearing its fulfillment. Though it would not come with a bang, but rather the masses of people would be polarized to a whole new world, the true revolution is in the changes in people's heart. It is not by no means the final of everything, it is merely a format that would guide the masses to.

This is not just a passing fancy. A truly serious series of events is in a motion to break-down the powerful and greedy interests in the country and to expose its raw corruption is going to cleanse the corridors of power in the Philippines. The snake pit that exists in the Philippine's corridors of powers would be exposed to the world, with the exposure of the entire skeleton in the bottom of that pit. This would shake down the whole power structure of the government, which let's just hope that the Filipino people would support the endeavor and hold the country strong through these experience. A necessary transition that the country needs to go through, which would test the strength and the aspirations of the Filipino people to find redemption from poverty.

It is a continuing crime against humanity that while these powerful corrupt interest groups swims in the stolen wealth of the nation, the Filipino people plods through life in filth and in despair. Let's just hope that the drive, the support, and the participation of the Filipino people will not falter through the processes. because if it does, these events would once again fall, just like so many before, as a failed attempt to help the country. This would then perpetually entrench these corrupt greedy interests as an invincible entity in the Philippine government, which would forevermore mark the Filipino people in compliance of that crime against humanity. the agents of these corrupt interest would be active, spreading lies and rumors, confusing the masses from the truth, blocking any form of progress, pretending to be friends misleading the issues, intimidating and coercing, denying and depriving, and amongst other things that they would do to convince the Filipino people that the changes in the Philippines will not do much for their lives.

The current president was supposed to only put the house in order, to hold it together during the flood. To do the difficult yet necessary measures to guarantee that the house survives and the necessary preparations were done... but what was not expected of her is to sell the house to special interests or to even let her husband to move-in and become the master of the house. Because the house has always and forever been, belongs to the Filipino people and by the Filipino people. We are merely the servants of the house so that it would function as the shelter, source of sustenance, protection, services, and a home for the Filipino people.

The Filipino people and their government has a destiny ordained by god, a destiny that has been carefully guarded and preserved even during the Spanish colonization, a destiny which would bring the Filipino race the salvation that they have for so long aspired for. But during the chaotic times of the 'flood', the structure that holds the Filipino race together and their government were greatly weakened. It was a transition that has always been part of their destiny, yet a very dangerous transition since any group, conglomerate, or interest could take over and highjack that destiny to deform and to shape it into their own image. any mafia could have held the destiny of the Filipino people and their government hostage, any syndicate could have position themselves into power, any powerful economic entity could have gained hold to the levers of economic and political powers of the government, or any single personality could have distort the destiny. Thus it was necessary to find someone to bridge the history of the Filipino people and into the future, someone that could continue the legacy of the Filipino history and evolution. Too bad, she was meant to have a very difficult presidency and will be blamed to all the wrongs in the world, while paving the way for the success and greatness of future administrations.

The position of the president in the government and into the people that it governs is like the position of the sun in the heavens. They must eternally shine light into the land during the duration of their presidency. Since if the president vacates their position, the system collapses or becomes destabilized. Also if the president breaks away from their position and allows their family life to take over, their sons would run around the kingdom with their presumptuous claims, and the spouse would eclipse the throne bringing darkness into the land - a disgrace to the human nature, which doesn't have to be the case even if the opportunity presents itself. The president must always be in position focused in the zone, since every time that they blink the country goes astray and darkness dawns in the lives of the people. The president must continually shine the ideals and the laws of the kingdom to the people, not being filtered through by the sentiments and interests of those that have no business being close to the president.

Well anyways... what these traitorous politicians and special interest would miss is the planed economic surge for the Philippines - an economic surge that is uncorrupted and unabsorbed by these people - but rather an economic source for the ascension of the Filipino people, breaking free from the shackles of poverty and other obstacles.

The thing is, mostly the corruption in the Philippine government and society is not the fault of the politicians and leaders, rather there exists interest groups that operate like the mafia. They extort, they blackmail, they lie, and they manipulate key leaders for their own purposes. They have intercepted and exploited the gift for the common Filipino people during the transitions of powers, claiming and proclaiming that they embody the common Filipino people and their interests. But in fact, they are the one's who have stolen, corrupted, deprived, and exploited the common Filipino people and the more privileged part of society alike. These interest groups are now in-fact the one's holding the levers of powers of the government, with their grip to the leaders, politicians, the common Filipino people, and the issues present in society. These people presents themselves as the solution to world's problems, but in-fact they are merely opportunists serving their own interest while exploiting the rest. They are the Rasputins of the modern world, and a national threat to all nations in the world - paving the way for the global governance much worst than Hitler and Stalin combined.

The Hell of School (made ever more hellish)

Is it just me, or does everyone suddenly have a very strange imagination of crawling under barbed wire littered with pig entrails??? Just asking...

Anyway, this is the result of our project in school where we write poems of love and friendship on hearts. The hearts are then publicly displayed for all to see on the hallways of the third year classrooms. I wouldn't be surprised if many people lied on who the poems were dedicated to. I easily managed to make a poem and I DIDN'T have to lie about who it was dedicated to.

Plus, my heart was decorated with the SS logo and numerous Swastikas...o_O

February 1, 2008

Yesterday, I promised myself that as soon as I finish college, I would travel either on foot or by bicycle the entire Luzon region. I sure hope that my skin won't be too affected by that.

Oh yeah, I also told someone I'd contact them in ten years to see how they're doing. That is, assuming that I live that long.