Alter Bridge - Metalingus

On this day I see clearly everything has come to life
A bitter place and a broken dream
And we'll leave it all behind
On this day its so real to me
Everything has come to life
Another chance to chase a dream
Another chance to feel
Chance to feel alive

I'll never long for what might have been
Regret won't waste my life again
I won't look back
I'll fight to remain:

On this day I see clearly everything has come to life
A bitter place and a broken dream
And we'll leave it all behind
On this day its so real to me
Everything has come to life
Another chance to chase a dream
Another chance to feel
Chance to feel alive

deja vu part 1 - In The House

DECEMBER 6, 2008
Today was the most unplanned, spontaneous day of my life.

I woke up all dazed and sweaty to the sound of continious buzzing. I instictively groped for my alarming cellphone. First try, I got the TV remote. Second try, I knocked my phone on the floor. Third try, I practically had to lurch down the floor to kill it. All that was more or less in vain since about 5 minutes after that vain attempt to overcome awakening disorientation, the doorbell was buzzing on and on and on...

Damn...I sort of forgot the Jenevie and Princess were coming over since I offered to help them remix a song for Jenevie's talent show. That was the worst part. Two girls from school seeing me at my "just-woken-up" state was a total nightmare. AAUURGH!!! I turned both of my computers on immediately to entertain (READ: "distract") them while I took a quick shower and a change of clothes. I'm just glad I decided to sleep with my shirt (READ: "clothes") on last night. Yet my misfortune continued to the privacy of the bathroom. The water heater was turned off. Mother of God! I was shivering and squirming about as icy water bombarded me. I don't normally go about punching walls and cracking tiles on the bathroom wall but the pain in my knuckles sure made me think less about the horrid cold.

I got out 100% awake and wearing one of my black pants and a towel across my shoulders. Damn...I checked the drawers in my room and there was nothing but boxer shorts, underwear, socks, a bowie knife, and more pants. My entire upper body wardrobe was out in the garage hanging to dry. In a normal situation, I would be comfortable enough to walk all the way there and get it. However, THIS situation involves two girls I have to pass by before I get there. Then there's the fact that one is a friend and the other is someone I have feelings for. Well, no choice. Thank God both of them were too distracted with the computer! YES!

Anyways, I had a quick breakfast and went straight to business. So I wouldn't feel the annoying hindrance of having someone looking over my shoulder while I work, I turned on the other computer to entertain (READ: "distract") my friends. It was nothing personal. I just don't feel comfortable having someone looking while I try pathetically to master Mixcraft 3, a sound mixing program I downloaded only last night, within two and a half hours.

Aurgh...How does Benny Benassi do it??? How does that bastard manage to mix songs so good??? What effin program does he useth??? It was sooo hard. I had to download a song, convert it to mp3, edit on Nero Wave Editor, listen to it, edit it some more, ask Jenevie to listen to it, make changes, save, put it up on Mixcraft 3, Princess makes a late comment the Jenevie agrees with, open Nero Wave Editor again, revise, save, put it back up on Mixcraft 3, lather, rinse, and repeat. God, and the song itself was JUST 5 minutes long!!! I worked on it for over two hours...GAH...(if anyone wants a copy of it just pm me).

I really want to put here what Jenevie and Princess were doing beside me while I worked but at the risk of getting killed by two angry teenage girls if they read this, I'll abstain from doing so (READ: IM me and I'll tell yah).

I invited them to lunch at my place and they were okay with it. It's been quite a long time since I last spent time with just Jenevie and Princess. The first time I was with just these two was in our 1st year, going to either Powerbooks or 7-11 after class.

Not Done With THIS One Yet

This post is about me and my problems involving people with two Xs, no Ys, and the strange new way I am able to "connect" with them.

I call it trauma. I once devoted my whole heart to a special girl only to have it broken into a thousand pieces. I never did get it back whole....even after getting a girlfriend for the first time or a sweetheart during summer did NOTHING to ease the pain or begin a recovery.

Since I couldn't recover, all that was left was to make do with what I had...

I have a broken heart. I have a lot of pieces. I can't give it to just one person anymore. I can't wholly devote myself to just one woman. So here I am...having numerous empty relationships...except for a few promising ones...I have no idea how I managed it but I don't really care...

It's not of lust.

It's not of some womanizing dream.

It's self-preservation. This way, I won't form any strong emotional attachments that can leave me vulnerable to that kind of pain ever again...

Another Day and Another Night

Yesterday, I woke up the same way I usually do.

With half blindness, nausea, and body aches...

So while I was still waiting for most of my vision to return and for the urge to vomit to lift, I just lay in bed and checked my cellphone for any messages (hopefully, no messages from Kashwak)...sadly there wasn't...

The distinct and annoying ringing of the telephone outside. Aurgh...I was in no mood to drag myself out of bed so I let it be, hoping someone would pick it up. But damnit! I think it already rang about six times when I finally got pissed and dragged myself out my room, down the hall, and answered the goddamned phone.

It turned out to be Jules, one of my comrades. He said he was going to leave at around 2:30PM and he wanted to go out with me and kill some people from Europe and America. Hell, if there was one thing that could get me energized in the morning, then that would be the prospect of gunning down some foreign idiots in Battlefield 2 (check out my rank and stats on

After catching a very hasty breakfast involving a carrot and an apple (I'm not going to waste precious sembreak time eating!), I met up with him in our usual spot at HackYou. For three straight hours and with nothing but two cans of rootbeer to sustain us, we racked up over 500+ kills in the BF2 map Strike at Karkand.

We finished at around 3:00PM and we were both in deep shit. He was supposed to be at home two hours ago and I was supposed to be in Quiapo RIGHT NOW. We hastily parted ways and I went home to have a shower and check my phone for any messages. I had texted Fia around four times already and still no reply >_<

Hahaha...that was just the day part...the night gets even better...

My Love and Loyalty

I still recall the post, "My Hate", which I made over three years ago. It was practically a list of almost every single thing that pisses me off. What I'm posting now, is a total opposite. Why am I doing this? I dunno...really...perhaps I just want to give my mind and my fingers a work out~~~hehehe...I'll arrange it from increasing to decreasing...

  1. I am in love and in total loyalty to P.C.S.A.
  2. I love and am loyal to my country.
  3. I love myself (bwahaha).
  4. I somewhat love and am loyal to my comrades (you know...more than just best friends...)
  5. to be continued...

Mood Update

I'm so bored tonight.

I want to go out to a bar in Mandaluyong or back to Club Illusion in Makati...

I am SOOOO in the mood for an all night party...


I have made it through October 12 all right...
I have finally remembered what October 12 means...
It barely involves me and definitely means a lot more to someone else...
But I can't pretend it doesn't hurt for me either...

I don't want to waste blog space explaining or expressing my anguish...let's just say I'm contemplating self-induced amnesia by means of blunt force trauma...


There's strength...and there's true strength...

It is not just the strength to obey....but the strength to command...

Not just the strength of numbers....but also the strength of brothers...

Not just the strength to lift...but the strength to raise...

It's not just the strength to get yourself over...the strength to get over yourself...

It's more than just physical is emotional strength...

I Dunno

"Following Occam's Razor, the simplest explanation to any problem is someone screwed up."

Where do I begin? I dunno.

Why do I feel this way? I dunno.

What is the matter with me? I dunno.

I guess the only thing I can do is just type away and then...whatever.

I am a sea of confusion, a whirlwind of frustration, an insignificant speck in the underwear of life, and in other words, an idiot.

Aurgh...Misery, loneliness, anger, and bitterness, I can deal with. I have experienced it enough times that I can actually be content with it.

But lately, things have been happening that seem to make me...happy...and I just don't know what to do. I'm half-expecting that I'd screw it up somehow but it does not seem to be happening at all. I'm caught unprepared since all my plans are for worst-case scenarios and I've been such a fool not to foresee that sometimes, things turn out better than what one would expect.

Am I selfish for not realizing how lucky I am? I dunno.

Am I just too ignorant the good things that are happening? I dunno.

Have I become so used to bitterness that I have forgotten how to enjoy bliss?

I dunno.

HH-088 - My Shortest Profile Ever *Declassified*

JUNE, 2008
When I first met HH-088, she immediately struck me as a person whose primary mode of living was focused externally. Actions suggest she deals with things according to how she feels them and how they fit into her personal value system. She has displayed remarkable memory and excellent intuition which leads me to believe that she may rely on that ability a lot.


HH-088 tends to be outgoing, sociable, practical and somewhat disorganized. Field study has shown that she has good reflexive skills to harmonize, entertain, and nurture others around her though the absolute motive and history remains in clout. Duty, personal service, manners and social order are inferred based from the given data. On a personal level, she is very warm, friendly and naturally talented at working with other people. Over the course of her lifetime, it seems very likely that she has or will become a member of volunteer, church, charitable, social and civic organizations. Further study urged...

My previous statement has proven indeed correct. Subject has once taken part in a charitable activity and attends religious gatherings on a regular basis. HH-088 appears to take her responsibilities very seriously, and is again very dependable. Notably, she places a very high value on security and stability as evidenced by her dislike for soldiers, politicians, and other high profile personel. Another noticable trait is her strong focus on the details of life and religion. For some reason, she has great dislike when a friend suddenly develops feelings for her. This supports a theory in which she prefers being in control of a relationship or being warned of a courtship from the start. Preference remains unclear and foggy.

Further study discouraged...traits begin to crash and collide. Subject dispalys apparent moodiness and change in personality. She has begun to adapt certain traits and expressions which she indoubtably gotten from me. Is she perhaps easily influenced by those around her? Or perhaps I just haven't noticed it before?

September 9, 2008
Study suspended. Intimacy and friendship with said subject has unexpectedly developed. Interactions from now on are purely on a personal basis. Profile will be updated indefinitely.

September 11, 2008
Studies resume...the nature of our relationship is still in question...

Humming To A New Tune

Man, life has like, changed so drastically in just three months. It's almost as if I crossed into some strange alternate universe.

Wherever or whatever I am in, it feels...well...strange.

I feel this strange tingly feeling. Like the weight of the world has suddenly gotten lighter like I don't have a care in the world. For some reason, my grades are getting better too. I'm even having this strange intimacy with this very spectacular woman from school.

What really catches me off guard is that she's actually responding encouragingly to my romances.

I guess I'm just not used to being happy after almost three years of darkness...

Never to late to get used to it though...hehe

Family and State

In a sense, an individual's perception of his nation is the same as his perception on his family. It's often difficult to compare a family member to other non-relatives. Although it is sometimes possible to form a criteria and somehow judge another person to be "better" than your relative, a certain bond will seem to compell you to choose your relatives over that person. In a sense, you would rather have a family member no matter how degenerate or of low character he may be simply because he is yours. Likewise, no matter how politically corrupt, economically recessive, or culturally backward one's country may be, an individual would tend to be loyal to his nation simply because it is his.

Call it it patriotism...I call it whatever...

Summer Note

This is fun...using up ABS-CBN's fast internet speed to watch Scrubs and Gossip Girl on the computer...

This is teh best summah evah!

Longest and Most Serious Post - Check Out the Past One fo Something Lighter (Funnier)

So many Pilipino leaders after the ousting of Ferdinand Marcos and everything that he stood for, has tried to harness the popularity and legitimacy of the people's power. Yet they all have failed miserably. This is so since their ideal of revolution is based on their personalities and own sense of ideals, rather than for the sake of the Pilipino people with regards to historical relevance and the human endeavor. But more importantly, they were unwilling to take the role of the chimera or the instigator of such passion. Rather they like to position themselves as the ideal image of the hero or a heroine of the people, yet failing to be the leader that would bring the change that the country needs. since once they have managed to place themselves in power, the people's power once again becomes an alien concept from their lofty heights of ambition and greed. this happens because the Pilipino people fails to realize that the people's power is the power of the masses to change their world and their country, not the wave for political personalities and interests to ride to fulfill their own agendas and personal glories. So the question is why the people's power revolution did after Marcos has been so potent: The reason is that a real change was recognized well before the event, and a change is long over-due. The containment and martial law that Marcos has implemented into the whole country is part of the decolonization program coordinated with the global endeavor to end such tragic legacy. The strategy was to simulate the conquest and colonization that the Pilipino nation has suffered from colonial-Spain, to excise its evils and bleed the poison from the blood-stream of the Pilipino nation, to foster and cultivate the passion and aspirations for freedom and liberation, to simulate the ideal condition of resistance and revolution from such tyranny and experience. Meaning, during the Spanish rule the Pilipino people has no one or nowhere to have their outcry heard. While the response to such sentiment from the Spanish has been swift, cruel, and it did not give the Pilipino people the chance to develop a country from their passion and ideals. The Marcos rule has contained and fostered such passion and ideals, which when the time comes it has bloomed like a beautiful and defiant flower.The people's power comes in many different forms. Our overseas Filipino workers are in fact a form of a people's power. They aspire to change their lot in life as well as their loved ones, so they brave the unknown to bring that change and hope for prosperity. Our young professionals are also in fact a form of a people's power, they are ready to change and advance the Philippine economy with their talent and hard work. The hard work and the sacrifice of the Pilipino workers is also a form of the people's power, they make the Philippine economy function and maintains the sustainability of the country. People’s power does not have to be an event in an instant, often the real people's power is done deliberately over time and in due process. In fact, the people's power revolution after Marcos is still ongoing, since the changes in the world and to the government is yet to be realized. The destructive power of the people’s power against the system and social structure seen after Marcos is not the kind of force that the Philippines needs today. rather the Pilipino people needs to realize the continuing process of change and progress, and the powers of awakening and indignation to promote change and progress is what the Pilipino people should be fostering within themselves. The masses should absorb the system so that they would become the system, taking back the levers of powers from the corrupt politicians and greedy interests. Every single Pilipino should do their part in healing the social structure so that they may develop a nation that they could call their own, not ending up being the servants and commodities of the elitists and foreign interests. Why did Marcos implement the containment program and the martial law (besides from the obvious fact that the Philippines was the last domino that stands against the spread of communism during the Cold War)? Marcos needed to implement the containment program to foster the Pilipino people as a one nation and as a single race. This was so since the Spanish colonial legacy has left the people divided that while a certain privileged group enjoys the wealth and the power of the land, the rest of the masses lived under their shadow of exploitation and tyranny. The containment program has been designed to shift society from such a tragic configuration to something that could foster and heal the nation. The martial law has been the means for the central government to gather all the powers of the land that has been divided to various clans, dynasties, and groups to be centralized to the government. This division has threatened the nation into descending to a civil war, to which Marcos deemed that it is an absolute imperative to prevent. With communist infiltration and the growing discontent amongst the poor under the tyranny of these various entities, these elements had the ideal condition to tear the country apart. The revolution of the poor is an absolute essential for the freedom and liberation of the Pilipino nation, but they need to struggle as a whole nation not as a divided factions and insurgencies. Since for various elitist groups, the will of the masses are seen as their own commodity to exploit the same as the laborer, workers, and servants in their haciendas and industries. meaning they see the will of the masses the same as the labor of their own servants and laborers, and as their servants and laborers such will serves only for the purpose on their behalf and interests. As the strategy unfold during the revolution, the political and social landscape begins to polarize in favor of the masses, while the grip of the elitists and infiltrators begins to unravel. But prior to these events, the instigation of democratic ideals and the aspirations for freedom and liberation has been built to pave the way for the future. to which the presidency of Marcos served as the chimera for the masses to turn against for their ideals and aspirations to reign supreme. since if the masses would do the same to their 'masters' and 'land lords', the reaction of these elitist interest wouldn't be so 'generous'.Today, the problem of the nation is the same problem that Marcos has sought to destroy. The powerful clans, dynasties and groups that held the country hostage and then forced the masses to live under their shadows of corruption, deception, exploitation and tyranny remain in the position of powers. We see them in the form of political personalities gathering up their local populations to tear and destabilize the government to gain more power for their own interests and position. We see them in the form of political interest groups seceding, boycotting and even sabotaging any effort and endeavor of the government to prove to the people that their government serves their interests. These parasites and cancers would never be dislodged unless the whole of the nation realizes the truth and takes it upon ourselves to change the whole country. A people's power is needed to make such change and to take away the levers of powers from these parasites and cancer. Certain groups, insurgents, rebels and radicals remain antagonistic to the Philippine government because they failed to realize the revolution that took place and are still waiting for the bloodshed that marks the fulfillment of their expectations. What they do not realize is that everything has changed, and that their successes are now their victory. A power exists in the land that also holds these hostage takers hostages, left by the Marcos legacy to ensure that these powerful interests are in-check and to prevent the descent of society into the killing fields of war. Sadly it depends on the vigilance of the few and diminishing common citizens that has often been targeted for extermination when detected. They are often left all alone without any backing or protection, vulnerable to be plucked and killed by anyone who detects them.Lately we see Corazon Aquino trying to relive the glories of the people's power that she rode into glories. Yet all of her attempt has faltered and seen as her effort to hijack the original ideals of the people's power to be her own. Erap himself had fallen because of his own indiscretion and his lost of support from the people. What Cory fails to realize is that her role was just a happy coincidence, that the real leader of the people's power had been the sentiment and the outcry of the masses. The Pilipino nation had been led and guided by their own will and moral ideals. The desire of the masses for freedom and to establish a democratic country to cradle them and to call their own has leaded the people's power to break through the system that has oppressed them. Her husband had served as the catalyst to unite the whole country to a single leader, so that when Marcos let go of the powers of the land would fall into the hands of the masses, and not to the lurking wolves in the shadows waiting for their time to tear the country apart. She has brought light and enlightenment to the endeavor, because the aspiration and the hope of the masses have shined through her presidency. Yet she failed to realize that the people's power is the power of the masses and not for politicians to harness, as seen with the actions of her many political friends. Convinced that the freedom and the vibrancy seen today of the masses is her legacy to invoke at will; she has become its obstacle and has mislead its meaning, never realizing that she had brought back the lurking wolves into the corridors of power, with their continuing associations with the elitist and the wealthy and distance from the common Pilipino people. Through her, the lurking wolves in the shadows have gained access to exploit the people's power for their own interests. Though her term has long passed, she remains relentless in trying to impose her influence on the president. Should she be unable to control the president, then she would once again call-in her 'people's power' to compromise the government. Cory seeks to effectively become a power above the presidency in the country, empowered with the belief that the people's power is her own design to exploit.If Marcos would be compared with an American president, it would be Ronald Reagan. Containment works and destabilization never solves anything, which is why I suspect that Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo would hold-on into power until the time comes. She has been placed in her position as ordained by higher powers and by the ideals of a democratic society, and she will serve her role vindicated by history. She is a very capable president, and her administration works for the benefit of the country. She may not have the personality or the charisma that many people would expect from a leader, but she has the ability and the capability to make the tangible change and progress for the economy. Many would erroneously try to track the transitions of powers as black and white. Failing to realize that roles are shifted and switched all the time to achieve equality, balance... and when it is polarized, the unity of the Pilipino people would be realized. The country must realize the catalyst of change presented by recent events has been in the works for the continuing process of the people's power. That rather than trying to bring-down the government, they should recognize that now is their chance to take-over and change the government.

To rid the government of these parasites, cancers, and lurking wolves.

To replace them with the country's best and the brightest.The secessionist tendency of the Pilipino people and the urge to tear apart the system has its colonial roots. But in a modern world, such tendency and urges need to be curved into much more sensible and reasonable due process. They need to learn that they must ascend to become representative of the nation, rather than its detriment without even presenting an alternative or a solution. They must understand that the government is now their own, by the people and for the people. The system of governance that was imposed by colonial Spain has long gone, and the Pilipino people are now and have been for a very long time the master of their own house. The well-being of the nation is also their well-being as its citizen, and if they hope to have any progress for the country, they must realize that as its citizen it is their duty to do so. Not seceding and tearing it apart and waiting for another president to be placed in the hot seat. If the presidents and the politicians of the country are getting away with their corruptions and failure, it is because the Pilipino people don’t know how to be a good citizen. Their negligence of their own government is allowing these wolves to devour their country. President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo would remain in power to curve such destructive tendencies and urges of the masses, while the masses make a stand to curve the greed of corrupt politicians and interests. The presidency and the masses must start learning from each other, and to coordinate more their intentions and endeavors.

I have to warn everyone in the Philippines that the president would leave a huge power vacuum if certain political personalities and interest manages to usurp Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. The consequence would be a huge power vacuum that would take away all the hard work and investment for the nation and within the Pilipino people, a power vacuum that would only be filled-in by the unscrupulous and opportunists that have long been after the greatest power of the land even before the controversy started. The current sentiments of the people are based on the presented argument or accusation. Since the truth is multi-dimensional and no single sentiment could describe its image, what the Pilipino people needs now is for the moral revolution to once and for all expel the darkness that has been overshadowing their world for hundreds of years. A golden age is at hand for the Pilipino nation which they must place it upon themselves to realize and fulfill. The unraveling current events in the Philippines are perhaps one of the most important phase or transformation of the government and the society, to which the Pilipino people could not afford to miss.Beneath these events in the Philippines, the real people's power is subliminally being fulfilled. It is no accident that the Pilipino society has been deliberately unraveled once again, creating this crisis temperature of change.

Behind the political maneuvering that is seen with the events in the Philippines today are interest groups and political personalities who want to invoke the powers of the military and the police for their own design and agendas. But what they have failed to realize is that these institutions has also revolted after Marcos to never again be used by any personality or any form of government that would use them against the Pilipino people. which if these interest groups and political personalities manages to turn the police and the military forces against the government today, they would have also managed to turn these forces against the people governed by that government. The secret is that these events are designed for these anti-Pilipino interest groups to spend the last scrap of their political and social strength, and for the masses to wrestle their destiny and nation from their grip. To once and for all eliminate the threat that they pose to the Pilipino people and their government. The freedom gained by the masses during the people's power has been brought due by the moral revolution of their armed forces. the Pilipino people has gained their freedom and their future when its own armed forces broke free from the shackles of evil and the authority of tyranny, and turned to fight for their cause. when it stopped enforcing and embodying the power and the authority of tyranny that has been the norm for hundreds of years from colonial Spain, the greatest revolution in the Philippine history sparked inspiration in the world when these forces sided with the masses and helped usurp the tyrannical ruler and everything that he stands help orient the clueless: Estrada represents the old power and authority bestowed by colonial Spain to its governors and commanders in the Philippines, which later become the law and the rulers of the land that the whole nation was subjugated under its tyranny, exploitation, corruption, deception, cruelty and blasphemy. Marcos, being part of the Pilipino underground network to ensure that the divine destiny of the Pilipino people would someday usurp these conquerors, has tried to break their grip from power when he was a president. But he needed to undo the 300+ years of social conditioning and Darwinian selection that colonial Spain has left the nation crippled in the valley of death. The process that he started needed the enlightenment and a moral revolution of the whole nation to break-through from such legacy. a continuing process of revolution and progress through due process is the driving force for the ascension of the Pilipino nation. Thus, a crisis temperature is maintained in the Philippines to foster and incubate the growth and the development of the Pilipino society. The crisis temperature in the Philippines has three visible purposes: one is to break the power and the authority of the colonial legacy, second it serves as the melting-pot to unite the Pilipino people as a whole nation, and third the most important is to serve and empower the ascension of the masses through the moral revolution. The funny thing, behind these events is the force and power that the whole of Asia would have used to usurp the United States' menacing sphere of influence in the region. But as it turned-out the United States has volunteered to remove such a negative factor (amongst other extra-judicial means), and the freedom and ascension from such change is realized in the Philippines. The tiger in Asia is invested for the enlightenment and ascension of the Pilipino people, to which makes its potential limitless only to its heart's desires. As options are closed, new opportunities opens up. The Pilipino people would forevermore embody the defiance against any form of tyranny and such defunct ways of governance such as communism and fascism.

A Not-So-Brief History of the Things I Hate

The original list came from my old blog in friendster. I only rediscovered and updated it now. So here it is...

  1. - Being in a conversation in which I know for a fact that everything I say is going to be wrong (Ex. I voice my OPINION on abortions in a debate while in the back of my head, I know that no matter how much data and charisma I put into it, I'll still lose)
  2. - Being in a "Damned if you do, Damned if you don't" situation. (Ex. Someone "borrowed" my swimming goggles and at the exact same time, I was playing with some of my classmates which NEEDED goggles...that someone happened to female...Negotiation and Diplomacy was inapplicable...If I tried to get it back by force, people annoy me by calling me a maniac...If I didn't get it back, my eyes will hurt from all the dirt and other crap in the pool)
  3. - Not being able to hate someone because of some reason...
  4. - Cheap inkjet printers
  5. - Unreasonably Optimistic People
  6. - Unreasonable Pessimistic People
  7. - Feminist Fanatics
  8. - Religious Fanatics
  9. - Overly Defensive People
  10. - Being assigned to work in groups
  11. - Being awakened on a weekend morning to do a group work
  12. - Doing any form of unpaid work
  13. - Going to school
  14. - Too much socializing
  15. - Whenever a woman says that men and women have equal rights even though we don't always do equal work
  16. - Traffic
  17. - Sometimes Myself
  18. - Whenever I lose my pen
  19. - Overly moist hands being wiped on my face even though the person has a hanky
  20. - Whenever anybody argues with me for no reason
  21. - Whenever I'm wrong
  22. - When someone I hate is right
  23. - Sweeping
  24. - Whenever someone does the exact opposite of what I want them to do (ex. I say go left but you go right, I say up but you go down, I say die but you continue to live)
  25. - Whenever someone tells me to go to hell
  26. - Whenever someone tells me the above statement because I then have to say that I'm already there
  27. - Long nails
  28. - Long nails beings used to claw on me
  29. - Knowing that the quality of my hatred decreases significantly as I try to add more and more so as to make it seem like it's "worth it"
  30. - Freaking long Hate lists that after you read you think to your self, "That was a pointless and utter waste of my time while I should have been doing my homework. There is a minuscule chance that I could have been doing something 'productive'. But noooo. I had to sift through this pile of pessimism and hope to get a chuckle out of it."
  31. - Doing dishes
  32. - Whenever things end up "inversed" (I want to help someone but I accidentally contribute to doing the exact opposite...I think)
  33. - Being unsure of things
  34. - Feeling like I'm somehow letting my family down

    - When people don't realize that I'm completely serious when I tell them to do what they want, because it's really hard to follow that advice
  35. - Whenever someone makes me speak English because they like my sarcastic voice...
  36. - When a window of hope is unceremoniously closed
  37. - When I finally learn to appreciate someone, they move to some other country.
  38. - The fact that most people really don't know what they are supposed to know
  39. - The fact that some people know what they're really not supposed to know
  40. - The incredible pettiness of school-age children
  41. - Being called sexually repressed
  42. - The belief that my denial of my sexual repression is yet another proof of its existence
  43. - Having to force myself to develop a sense of humor where in sex is always a joke
  44. - Having to pretend I am obsessed with sex
  45. - Finding out that I'm really good at pretending
  46. - Finding out that I'm a compulsive liar
  47. - Fake British accents that sound Aussie
  48. - My shortening attention span
  49. - The word "senioritis"
  50. - People who try to appear "deep"
  51. - Posers
  52. - Not realistically being able to push the hate list over the 1000 mark this time
  53. - Wanting to say inappropriate things to inappropriate people
  54. - Whenever things I want to stay the same change
  55. - When things I want to change don't do it fast enough
  56. - My lack of empathy
  57. - Gays
  58. - Gays
  59. - Gays
  60. - Gays
  61. - Gays
  62. - Gays
  63. - Homos
  64. - Gays
  65. - Spammers
  66. - Spam
  67. - When people sometimes assume that I'm writing about them in my diary -- I ALMOST always ever write about me. This is my diary, not yours.
  68. - The fact that the above sentence is probably I lie
  69. - When I write brilliant, self-evidently true advice that I myself cannot follow
  70. - The hassle of avoiding someone
  71. - Having to write a research paper
  72. - Having to write a draft of it
  73. - Having to write a SECOND draft of it
  74. - The strangeness when someone sends a msg saying that they're the angel of death and they've come to take you away but ending the msg with "take care".
  75. - a certain dickhead who stole sound files from my computer
  76. - traitors in my group who helped the dickhead steal them in the first place
  77. - traitors
  78. - losing in major events
  79. - whenever I put a coin in pay phone that refuses to give back change even though I only used up P1.00 of the P5.00 I put in
  80. - Arcade games with defective controls
  81. - God's apparent hatred of me
  82. - Every time someone says God loves us all equally
  83. - That I am unable to stop being an egotistical narcissist
  84. - That one of my best teachers won't be around next year
  85. - Doing the same mistakes over and over
  86. - Writers who write and publish something crappy, then forcing innocent teenagers to read it as part of their curriculum
  87. - Hugh Jackman
  88. - Not being able to have my morning cup of coffee
  89. - My low tech Yahoo Messenger
  90. - The fact that emotions often have no relationship whatsoever to reality
  91. - The fact that some of Domenic's philosophical questions make my brain itch
  92. - The limited offensive maneuvers when physically combating females
  93. - The ridiculously messy HTML that Microsoft Word produces when I save a document as a web page
  94. - Whenever a certain SOMEONE keeps telling me that I hate Pamela's hands (people, I hate the moisture...not the hands)
  95. - The fact that every time I go to school it's impossible not to hear a word relating to sex
  96. - People who repost the same damn bulletin more than 10 times in a row
  97. - Rene Descartes
  98. - Having no idea what I actually want and not having the guts to just make something up and run with it
  99. - Pornography: I'm glad that I never conditioned myself to find it anything but really disgusting and weird. Thank you, slow modem
  100. - Baby sitting demon-possessed six year olds
  101. - The fact that I had to cancel a group meeting to take care of the said demons
  102. - That there are no exorcists in the phone directory
  103. - Running into old friends who aren't really old friends but probably want to think they are
  104. - Finding black leather jackets, waxed sports cars and guns more appealing than women
  105. - Whenever someone explains something with the quote "It was God's will."
  106. - MMORPG
  107. - MMORPG Fanatics
  108. - Every time someone starts talking about the name of their pokemon
  109. - Every time someone starts talking about the name of their pokemon when it evolves
  110. - Every time anybody starts spamming my YM
  111. - Every time anybody spams my YM by repeatedly typing her boyfriend's name
  112. - Every time anybody spams my YM by giving me unwanted updates about their Game Life
  113. - Whenever someone suddenly Buzz! my YM and it turns out to be someone I was previously talking about
  114. - The fact that I have to postpone writing this for a while because someone has a problem installing the Sims 2
  115. - The fact that I postponed this and I still can't get the Sims 2 to work on her computer
  116. - Getting my hair pulled
  117. - Getting powder all over my hair
  118. - The fact that I have to wait another year before I can use a scalpel on a living organism
  119. - The fact that I know some very important things that I can never tell to anybody no matter how much I trust them
  120. - The very surprising fact that I have never said the literally months...even in my head
  121. - not being able to think of a good new year's resolution even though it's already been two months since
  122. - that my resolution is find the guts to say I LOVE YOU to at least one non-relative person within the year
  123. - the fact that I will probably fail that resolution
  124. - Now one of school notebooks is missing
  125. - The extreme indecisiveness of by superiors
  126. - The very alarming fact that my sarcasm and bitterness have been declining recently
  127. - people that no matter how good you are in diplomacy, they still end up being a complete pain in the ass
  128. - Panic! At the Disco
  129. - Whenever my sister starts playing crappy songs on the computer
  130. - whenever I have to work with annoying people
  131. - whenever I have to work with annoying people that eventually transfer to another group
  132. - whenever the leader of the *other* group talks to me and BEGS me to take the other person back because their script is full and that they can't accommodate her
  133. - whenever I find out that I can't accommodate her either because my script has also been completed
  134. - the fact that I had to revise the script out of pity
  135. - the fact that I am regretting having pity
  136. - not being able to play violent video games or watch violent movies to ease my stress
  138. - people who blame me for their own damn stupidity (example, SOMEONE calls my phone repeatedly to warn me about a deadline I already know then demands that I pay for her cellphone bill)
  139. - the fact that my lies sound more credible than the truth
  140. the fact that I've moved from sexually repressed to sexually frustrated
  141. being physically aroused
  142. being physically aroused someone despite that someone knows number 141
  143. having no *acceptable* or *dignified* way of releasing said arousal
  144. my crappy keyboard
  145. being more bitter than am I sarcastic
  146. being a manipulative bastard
  147. being an incompetent manipulative bastard
  148. pulling out of what could have been a first kiss
  149. rejecting a childhood friend to be something more intimate because of reasons I cannot put here
  150. disturbing rediscovered comments in my old blog in friendster
  151. the lack of a drummer in my band, The Phantasm String
  152. getting into an argument when I'm not in the mood
  153. getting into an argument when I'm not in the mood and while playing DotA
  154. getting into an argument with someone who forgets about it overnight
  155. getting into an argument about my principles
  156. headaches caused by said arguments
  157. total incompetence in apologies
  158. communists
  159. leftists
  160. marxists
  161. democrats
  162. libertarians
  163. centralists
  164. MILF
  165. NPA
  166. al-qaeda
  167. IRA
  168. activists
  169. activism
  170. That I have ONLY one reply to when I'm accused of being gay
  171. awkwardness
  172. awkwardness induced by peers
  173. awkwardness induced by peers and a play
  174. How hard it is to even reach 200 for my list
  175. my inability to compose a decent play
  176. The idiot who purchased the cliff where I always like to hang out
  177. having a vintage camera
  178. having no film for my vintage camera
  179. my inability to function as the lone wolf I always wanted to be
  180. review centers
  181. that a certain person neglects her friendster and YM
  182. that a certain person isn't coming back from the US yet
  183. that certain people are going to the US (Damnit! The place is a mess so why are you going there???)
  184. I REALLY REALLY hate how I can't forget about my pride for even one second and make a decent frontal apology...damnit
  187. More to come,,,

Untitled - 2

Centuries ago, rising empires fought for control over the Philippine islands. The Philippines transitioned from one colonizer to another. History was made, heroes were born and the blood of patriots was spilled in fighting the invaders. Now, more than half a century since, the Philippines is now a young, independent nation. Yet the sovereignty we enjoy today is an imperfect one. The Filipino people are still struggling to survive in the new world amidst a fluctuating economy, inadequate leadership, and worst of all, the start of violent conflicts between our fellow brothers in blood. Despite the growing power of the Peso, living conditions for the masses are more or less the same fifty years ago. Some say even worse. The gap between the rich and the poor are wider than ever before. The Philippines is in a crisis.

The nation is adrift. The Filipinos are divided and the integrity of our institutions has been torn to shreds. Rampant graft and corruption are becoming commonplace. Justice has been fading away. Huge fiscal deficits, rising debts, skyrocketing unemployment and inflation define our economy while widespread poverty and crime define our once honorable society. Life is difficult for the average Filipino. Our professionals and skilled workers are unable to find any opportunities in their own country and are forced to seek better options abroad. The domestic market is threatened by piracy and smuggling. Many of our leaders, both regional and national, have shown utter disregard for the law and have turned to their own selfish pursuits. The Filipinos have become disenchanted to such a degree that they are unable to visualize and embrace a sense of hope for the future, sinking into a state of hopelessness.

Yet hope is not yet lost for us. As we have once rallied to fight, bleed, and die for our country against the Spaniards three centuries ago and again against the Americans and Japanese, the Filipino people can again rally to rebuild and reform the country.

The world is changing rapidly, the Philippines with it. New ideas and advancements in technology are spreading like wildfire throughout the world. The country is in need of strong, decisive Filipinos to lead the country into being a competitive power. However, our present leadership is, to say the least, inadequate. The state has become weak under the current structure of government. The interests of the Filipino masses have not been appropriately articulated nor enforced. The government is weak and derisory since the very first administration. Throughout history, government administrations have been continuously faced with various struggles such as the aftermath of the struggle for national liberation, lack of consolidation of political units, government policies dictated by stronger, imperialist states, etc. The state is doomed to be weak under the current structure of government where the Filipino masses are alienated. There is a need to modify and adjust our very democracy to better suit the needs of all, as opposed to the democracy for the elitists. The government should work together with the Filipino people work for a future with a sense of national purpose. The goals of the government must be to liberate the Filipinos from iniquitous relations with external powers, provide and enhance economic opportunities for the deprived and political empowerment for the powerless. The Filipino government should lead the Filipinos away from the conventional practices of the past and pioneer new lines of thought, to be prepared to discard inherited institutions that were ineffective to begin with, if these imperil a better quality of living for the majority of the people. As I have discussed what a government should be, I proceed to what a government should do.

The growth and expansion of our economy was very irresponsible as we have still failed to tackle the issue of debt. Perhaps our single largest economic problem would be our crushing debt. Even worse is that most of our loans are not utilized properly to fulfill the needs of the people or for the full improvement of the industry. The government should assert the right of our country to uphold its responsibility to our people and negotiate a cessation on our debt and to ensure, by strict surveillance, that proceeds of future loans are not diverted into anywhere else but the national treasury.

Another problem I must urgently address is our industry and our agriculture. The Philippine industry is ersatz, a joke. The state is yet to have an Industrial Revolution of its own. We are too heavily dependent on foreign investors that whatever relations we have with domestic industries have become negligible. Foreign industries have taken advantage of our poor technological capabilities. They have insisted on buying only our raw materials while flooding our markets with their products that compete with our own. Ironically, their own products were made mostly from our raw materials. The government is lacking a strong Industrialization Strategy. If it was not for our promising agriculture, we would probably be a neo-colony in all but name. The government should transfer some of their attention from agriculture to improving our industry by shifting away from the strategy of export-orientation to the strategy of developing and manufacturing products and services best suited to the specific needs of the state. It is the Philippine government's responsibility to use their enormous procurement authority to upgrade the quality of local products and services to well within international standards and to pressure local suppliers and manufacturers to improve their technologies.

(I have fallen ill with an illness called the "Writer's Block". I apologize for having to end this entry with this...)


The world is going through great transitions which the hope of the future could be made or be broken. Now is the chance for the Philippines to grasp the opportunity to advance its own interest. But this needs a strong, loyal, and patriotic leadership to face the challenges they would face. But with the corruption and the lack of morals of the Philippine leadership that are in power today, wholesale exploitation of the Philippine economy is threatening to break it into chaos and destroy its hopes. There are many with misguided ideas who believe that they are the answer to the problems of the country, though they only serve their own self-image and sense of self-righteousness that they have learned to cultivate from the expectations of the masses. Barking on all the shadows that they see yet failing to realize that their own shadow is bringing darkness over everyone. Programmed to break-down the system with their condemnation, prejudices, jealousy, greed, and self-promotion, they bring chaos to a system that needs order and sense to understand and to implement its own laws and ideals. Disrupting the government's processes to steal its powers to cultivate for their own self-interest, they never solve anything, yet they are very capable of breaking-down the system backed by powerful forces beyond their shadows. a pretentious mask to hide the fact that the government does not belong to the people and by the people. The network of powerful and influential dynasties in the Philippines is suspicious and afraid of a truly working democratic government. Since their grip and exploitation of the country would be contested and unraveled by the law and by the government itself. The democratic government is not being realized since the thrones are just being passed-around by these powerful families. Living through their own codes and laws, they use the legitimacy of the government to maintain their powers that are alien to any form of democracy. they were allowed to stay in power for the single fact that they owe the Filipino people its stolen dignity, rights, wealth, and power that needs to be returned through containment and fostering. Though these households are proving more problematic than a solution, they stab through the night, things and people disappear, and its parasitic hunger steals the harvest of the people. So, much like the symbolic politics that delay represented in America's own domestic politics, the day of liberation in the Philippine domestic politics has also dawned. With the presumptions that his legitimacy as the president's son and one of dynasty's privileged son, the changes that his actions bridge's solidarity with the masses. Thus legitimacy and validity to the claims of the masses and to the changes that they bring are established.

Filipino people are being raped and its economy exploited by greedy interests. Yet accountability is non-existence, and forgiveness is so easy to come-by to their fellow criminals. Expected to produce something for the masses to remain satisfied, they turn against small criminals to have someone to blame and to spill its blood. Disrupting and disturbing interests and transactions that are not under their control, yet interests and transactions that are legitimate belongs to the Filipino people. Interests and transactions at a grassroot level that are helping develop the economy of the regular citizens that could empower them to the levers of power of their own country. But instead they are being crushed, squeezed-out, cut-down, deprived, exploited, and destroyed by the much larger interests that belong to the powerful interests that are ruling the country, effectively depriving and denying the levers of powers that truly belongs to the people and by the people.

There are interests and parties that want the powers that have been invested for humanity, to own and posses it for their own greedy agendas. It may seem that there has been a consented agreement, but if you would study the transactions, the strategy barely escaped their greedy claws. There exists traitors, saboteurs, spies, foreign agents, domestic agents, free agents, the misguided, and of course the greedy ready to hijack the great endeavor. The forces and the elements of the unfolding new world order waged their war with and against the strategy. To a great personal sacrifice, the strategy was preserved yet it is not yet safe to speak about. That drone has been also used to purify the practice, which one could not blame his nature, character, and constitution. The temptations of its powers are his, but not the powers that belongs to humanity. Let him do what he's meant to do, he carries with him the promises of the masses. It would always be the people who would complete the practice, preserving the ideals of democracy through such difficulties. The myth of Palos is real, thanks to those who believes in the ideals of democracy and the love for the Filipino people. The single most important determining factor of the new world order is nearing its fulfillment. Though it would not come with a bang, but rather the masses of people would be polarized to a whole new world, the true revolution is in the changes in people's heart. It is not by no means the final of everything, it is merely a format that would guide the masses to.

This is not just a passing fancy. A truly serious series of events is in a motion to break-down the powerful and greedy interests in the country and to expose its raw corruption is going to cleanse the corridors of power in the Philippines. The snake pit that exists in the Philippine's corridors of powers would be exposed to the world, with the exposure of the entire skeleton in the bottom of that pit. This would shake down the whole power structure of the government, which let's just hope that the Filipino people would support the endeavor and hold the country strong through these experience. A necessary transition that the country needs to go through, which would test the strength and the aspirations of the Filipino people to find redemption from poverty.

It is a continuing crime against humanity that while these powerful corrupt interest groups swims in the stolen wealth of the nation, the Filipino people plods through life in filth and in despair. Let's just hope that the drive, the support, and the participation of the Filipino people will not falter through the processes. because if it does, these events would once again fall, just like so many before, as a failed attempt to help the country. This would then perpetually entrench these corrupt greedy interests as an invincible entity in the Philippine government, which would forevermore mark the Filipino people in compliance of that crime against humanity. the agents of these corrupt interest would be active, spreading lies and rumors, confusing the masses from the truth, blocking any form of progress, pretending to be friends misleading the issues, intimidating and coercing, denying and depriving, and amongst other things that they would do to convince the Filipino people that the changes in the Philippines will not do much for their lives.

The current president was supposed to only put the house in order, to hold it together during the flood. To do the difficult yet necessary measures to guarantee that the house survives and the necessary preparations were done... but what was not expected of her is to sell the house to special interests or to even let her husband to move-in and become the master of the house. Because the house has always and forever been, belongs to the Filipino people and by the Filipino people. We are merely the servants of the house so that it would function as the shelter, source of sustenance, protection, services, and a home for the Filipino people.

The Filipino people and their government has a destiny ordained by god, a destiny that has been carefully guarded and preserved even during the Spanish colonization, a destiny which would bring the Filipino race the salvation that they have for so long aspired for. But during the chaotic times of the 'flood', the structure that holds the Filipino race together and their government were greatly weakened. It was a transition that has always been part of their destiny, yet a very dangerous transition since any group, conglomerate, or interest could take over and highjack that destiny to deform and to shape it into their own image. any mafia could have held the destiny of the Filipino people and their government hostage, any syndicate could have position themselves into power, any powerful economic entity could have gained hold to the levers of economic and political powers of the government, or any single personality could have distort the destiny. Thus it was necessary to find someone to bridge the history of the Filipino people and into the future, someone that could continue the legacy of the Filipino history and evolution. Too bad, she was meant to have a very difficult presidency and will be blamed to all the wrongs in the world, while paving the way for the success and greatness of future administrations.

The position of the president in the government and into the people that it governs is like the position of the sun in the heavens. They must eternally shine light into the land during the duration of their presidency. Since if the president vacates their position, the system collapses or becomes destabilized. Also if the president breaks away from their position and allows their family life to take over, their sons would run around the kingdom with their presumptuous claims, and the spouse would eclipse the throne bringing darkness into the land - a disgrace to the human nature, which doesn't have to be the case even if the opportunity presents itself. The president must always be in position focused in the zone, since every time that they blink the country goes astray and darkness dawns in the lives of the people. The president must continually shine the ideals and the laws of the kingdom to the people, not being filtered through by the sentiments and interests of those that have no business being close to the president.

Well anyways... what these traitorous politicians and special interest would miss is the planed economic surge for the Philippines - an economic surge that is uncorrupted and unabsorbed by these people - but rather an economic source for the ascension of the Filipino people, breaking free from the shackles of poverty and other obstacles.

The thing is, mostly the corruption in the Philippine government and society is not the fault of the politicians and leaders, rather there exists interest groups that operate like the mafia. They extort, they blackmail, they lie, and they manipulate key leaders for their own purposes. They have intercepted and exploited the gift for the common Filipino people during the transitions of powers, claiming and proclaiming that they embody the common Filipino people and their interests. But in fact, they are the one's who have stolen, corrupted, deprived, and exploited the common Filipino people and the more privileged part of society alike. These interest groups are now in-fact the one's holding the levers of powers of the government, with their grip to the leaders, politicians, the common Filipino people, and the issues present in society. These people presents themselves as the solution to world's problems, but in-fact they are merely opportunists serving their own interest while exploiting the rest. They are the Rasputins of the modern world, and a national threat to all nations in the world - paving the way for the global governance much worst than Hitler and Stalin combined.

The Hell of School (made ever more hellish)

Is it just me, or does everyone suddenly have a very strange imagination of crawling under barbed wire littered with pig entrails??? Just asking...

Anyway, this is the result of our project in school where we write poems of love and friendship on hearts. The hearts are then publicly displayed for all to see on the hallways of the third year classrooms. I wouldn't be surprised if many people lied on who the poems were dedicated to. I easily managed to make a poem and I DIDN'T have to lie about who it was dedicated to.

Plus, my heart was decorated with the SS logo and numerous Swastikas...o_O

February 1, 2008

Yesterday, I promised myself that as soon as I finish college, I would travel either on foot or by bicycle the entire Luzon region. I sure hope that my skin won't be too affected by that.

Oh yeah, I also told someone I'd contact them in ten years to see how they're doing. That is, assuming that I live that long.

Soldier's Psychology

I have always wondered as to why some people are the way they are and why certain individuals are so obsessed with military and political doctrines. Now I know.

There is a well known empirical formula for turning men into a fighting force willing to go anywhere and kill anyone. It has been independantly discovered by people as diverse as Hannibal and Chaka Zulu, and is well known to our modern military. A large part of the formula is to take young, late-puberty males and isolate them from society in general and women in particular. Once isolated, their sense of personal identity is be beaten down, they are sexually frustrated, and to create more intimacy with weapons than their genitalia. The whole point is to drive young men slightly insane in a particular way, so that they will not only follow, but enjoy orders from superiors to shoot strangers.

If done properly it will link agressiveness with the sex drive, making the act of shooting at people almost orgasmic in both its intensity and satisfaction. Not only is aggressiveness linked to sex, the men are kept sexually frustrated as well. Seeking an outlet, and given shooting at strangers as the only acceptible outlet, their sex drives will lead them to go into action and fight. This is why the military has historically had very strong objections to homosexuality and masturbation, also. Both provide a (i.e. not hostile to designated strangers) outlets for the sex drive. Most cases of military servicemen committing acts of rape are those soldiers who are yet to have the true "soldier's psychology".

Really Bad People Skills

I just can't do it. I can't treat Social Relationships as people-to-people things. They will always be State-to-State Diplomacy. For example, when I get upset or offended by someone, I do what NATIONS do. Nations break of diplomatic relationships or make trade blockades. People get revenge or demand an apology. I break of any social interactions and make as little business as possible (though I am yet to declare war).

*sigh* Elementary life wasn't like this. THEN, I could walk up to a person, grab him by the neck, and say my thoughts out loud.'s different...

Gay Joke

The Rancher's WifeA successful rancher died and left everything to his devoted wife. She was a very good-looking woman, and determined to keep the ranch, but knew very little about ranching, so she decided to place an ad in the newspaper for a ranch hand.Two men applied for the job. One was gay and the other a drunk. She thought long and hard about it, and when no one else applied she decided to hire the gay guy, figuring it would be safer to have him around the house than the drunk. He proved to be a hard worker who put in long hours every day and knew a lot about ranching.For weeks, the two of them worked, and the ranch was doing very well. Then one day, the rancher's widow said to the hired hand, "You have done a really good job, and the ranch looks great. You should go into town an kick up your heels."The hired hand readily agreed and went into town one Saturday night. One o'clock came, however, and he didn't return. Two o'clock, and no hired hand. He returned around two-thirty, and upon entering the room, he found the rancher's widow sitting by the fireplace with a glass of wine, waiting for him.
She quietly called him over to her. "Unbutton my blouse and take it off," she said.
Trembling, he did as she directed."Now take off my boots." He did as she asked, ever so slowly.
"Now take off my socks." He removed each gently and placed them neatly by her boots.
"Now take off my skirt." He slowly unbuttoned it, constantly watching her eyes in the fire light.
"Now take off my bra." Again, with trembling hands, he did as he was told and dropped it to the floor.
"Now," she said, "take off my panties." By the light of the fire, he slowly pulled them down and off.
Then she looked at him and said. . ."If you ever wear my clothes into town again, you're fired."

My First Original Military/Social Strategy

I can't believe it worked. I made someone think I had materials and weapons available to fight back to make get her to back off. Not only did the bluff work, it gave me enough time to actually prepare my materials in case of any attacks. For the first time ever, I was actually forced to write down feed (feed=chickenfeed=disinformation) on my diary because I knew the opponent regularly reads it. I guess this strategy can be used in almost any scenario, whether military or social.

"In times of weakness, act strong so as to force the enemy to retreat in a battle he could win.
In times of strength, act weak so as to force the enemy to fight in a battle he will lose"

Why is God bettter at computers than Satan?

Jesus and Satan were having an on-going argument about who was better on
the computer. They had been going at it for days, and frankly God was
tired of hearing all the bickering.

Finally fed up, God said, "THAT'S IT! I have had enough. I am going to
set up a test that will run for two hours, and from those results, I
will judge who does the better job."

So Satan and Jesus sat down at the keyboards and typed away.
They moused.
They faxed.
They e-mailed.
They e-mailed with attachments.
They downloaded.
They did spreadsheets!
They wrote reports.
They created labels and cards.
They created charts and graphs.
They did some genealogy reports
They did every job known to man.
Jesus worked with heavenly efficiency and Satan was faster than ever.
Then, ten minutes before their time was up, lightning suddenly flashed
across the sky, thunder rolled, rain poured, and, of course, the power
went off..
Satan stared at his blank screen and screamed every curse word known in
the underworld.
Jesus just sighed.
Finally the electricity came back on, and each of them restarted their
computers. Satan started searching frantically, screaming: "It's gone!
It's all GONE! "I lost everything when the power went out!"
Meanwhile, Jesus quietly started printing out all of his files from the
past two hours of work.
Satan observed this and became irate.
"Wait!" he screamed. "That's not fair! He cheated! How come he has all
his work and I don't have any?"
God just shrugged and said, "JESUS SAVES"

Guy Got Killed - My Speculations

A policeman was shot dead yesterday in an ambush by armed suspects. The killing took place at around the same time I leave for school and a few blocks from where I live. Here is the full article:

Cop killed in Pasig ambush
A POLICEMAN died after he was ambushed by two motorcycle-riding gunmen while on his way to work yesterday in Pasig City.

Senior Supt. Francisco Uyami Jr., Pasig police chief, identified the victim as PO2 Rolan Faraon, 28, detailed at the Intelligence and Investigation Unit of the Regional Headquarters Support Group in Camp Ricardo Papa, Bicutan, Taguig and resident of 192 Magtanggol St., Barangay Sumilang, Pasig.

Case investigator PO3 Roger Baltazar said Faraon was driving his white Mitsubishi Lancer on M. Flores Street, Barangay Bagong Ilog at 7:15 a.m. when he was blocked by the suspects clad in jacket and helmet.

The suspects drove near the policeman’s car and opened fire.

According to witnesses, the suspects shot the victim in the head to make sure he was dead before escaping.

Faraon died on the spot after sustaining eight gunshot wounds in the head and body.

Police said the killing was well-planned as witnesses said two more suspects on a motorcycle acted as look-outs.

Uyami said Faraon was among the 21 policemen who were implicated by a witness in the alleged illegal drug activities of Amin Imam Boratong, the alleged owner of the “shabu tiangge” in Pasig City smashed by police in February 2006.

Eastern Police District director Supt. Leon Nilo dela Cruz has ordered a deeper probe into the killing of Faraon.

Dela Cruz said there are so many angles that should be looked into, including the policeman’s alleged involvement in illegal drugs.

I would first like to say that my perspective on this matter will be based from whatever facts are available. I would also like to say how disappointed I am in letting such an opportunity slip past. The killing took place so close to me and at the exact same time I am at the district. I might have been able to at least witness it or perhaps even help identify the suspects. DAMN! Well, back to the matter at hand. Based from the cop's alleged involvement in illegal drugs, one can speculate that the cop was in fact "crooked". His murder was probably carried out by his former colleagues within the drug cartel. A possible motive is that his fellows in the cartel saw him as a liability because the cops were investigating him and his ties so they were forced to liquidate him. Doubtless, the criminal group is very much organized and tactically dangerous.

Strangely Enough

I can't believe I'm saying this but I actually feel safer and less paranoid when I'm in school. I think it's because there are only students and teachers over there and not other more threatening elements.

I need to pull myself together. I'm jumping at shadows all over...

My View of the World as of Now

People are like donuts. They're bastard coated bastards with bastard filling.

Just A Quicke...

Oh my god! The dude's playing my first favorite classical piece!!! ~wheee!

My Brother's Holiday

I'm still having a wee bit of trouble remembering all the events that happened in my account of the here's another holiday from the perspective of another person : my brother.

I have no idea what he did in perfect detail nor does he a blog of some sort anyway. Here are summaries of what happened when I was with him

  • "joint-jurisdiction" in my room (in other words he took over MY room)
  • developed an insane addiction to Mortal Kombat
  • we ate an entire jar of sardines for a midnight snack (though he fell asleep and I had to wake him)
  • lent me a Robert Ludlum
  • went to a party with old veterans
  • used the ABS-CBN Newscenter as a personal computer shop
  • somehow, someway slept through a crowded bus with the speakers loudly playing The Beatles WHILE listening to his Mp3 Player
  • developed an insane desire to hit my face with foreign objects namely remotes and cellphones

THAT list would just go on and on and on...I'll update that next time...