A Great Week...er...Weekend

Last week was definitely one of the best weekends ever. Not once did I find myself bored or idle. Here's a pretty accurate time line:

Excellent day considering it was a school day since most of what I did was sleep and talk with my classmates. Naturally, when I got home I revved up the computer. I noticed I was alone for the night with my parents gone, sister overnight somewhere, and aunt in physical therapy. So I decided to spend 9:00PM onwards lying in bed singing along to "Good Time" by Leroy.

Woke up early to fix things up for the planned "DVD Marathon" today. Things started late since most of the guys arrived late (9:00AM was WAAAYYY too early). We watched "Room 1409" with much screaming and pillow hugging. Lunch was basically composed of several assorted junk foods, rice, and a lot of corned beef. The next movie was, "The Simpsons Movie" and as expected, laughter from the "exaggerated assets" of a certain character. Last movie was "My Sassy Girl". The theme song, "Canon in C" is now stuck in my head and I have strong urge to play it on the piano. Now that movie certainly brought a strong sense of nostalgia. Afterwards, we took funny pictures involving us in totally unusual poses.

Went with mom to grandmother's house to settle "civil disputes". She brought me along as "visual security" but I just practiced on the grand piano and slept on the couch the whole time I was over there. But the ABSOLUTE BEST PART OF THE WEEK would have to be when my family went to watch the "Bourne Ultimatum", a fitting end for an excellent trilogy.

I dreamt an entire day for 10 hours while I was asleep. I went to school as usual and even the usual morning routine was followed. What really bothered me was the occurrences of random events that somehow involved me. I think it was about lunch time when I did my HW on Soc Sci (I really haven't done it in RF). At dismissal...well, what happened then is a bit too "weird" even for my blog so I'll just put it on my diary instead.EVENTUALLY, I woke up.

I lost my fifth diary...*sob* and for some reason Pam won't give my the pictures

Just a quick qoute...and then some more

"The private depths of one's mind is where one is mercifully free from the opinions of imbeciles and fools."

That Sinking Feeling

I feel sick...
VERY sick...

The events of today really shook me deep inside to the extent that I can relate it to "trauma". I never expected that I would react like this toward having a god-awfully difficult Physics Exam. I could still remember how my breathing went in short breathes as I tried to answer problems I could not answer with confidence and how my heart was at my throat I raced against time in a vain attempt to answer as much as I could.

You know, I can honestly say that a duel to the death would have been preferable to experiencing those things again. I'm not sure whether I feel like crying or vomiting...or perhaps both....

Too depressed to write anymore...

My Sad Story

This is just TOO freaky. Even for me. It's just so amusing and at the same time frustrating.

Here's my story...

For the past two weeks, my group in Social Studies have been struggling to find time to practice the song we need to perform amidst the usual hassle that comes with the exams. We made several attempts to practice to no avail. We at least managed to make the lyrics. However, we were yet to master them.

Inevitably, the exams came. There was absolutely no time to practice. Then came the storms and heavy winds. This was at best, a mixed blessing and curse. Although the classes were suspended, the flooding and continuous rain fall damned any attempt to groupings. Fortune smiled again. At some point, classes were still suspended and the rain finally stopped. Again, our group took advantage of this and "attempted" to have a proper meeting. This part is when fortune betrays. Our group meeting was set for 1:00 PM Monday afternoon at my house. From the very beginning, the attempt was damned. Some of the group members were unable to arrive and those who did, were forced to endure unnecessary hardships just outside my house.

The two members who did manage to arrive as planned were the most unfortunate. They waited outside my house for hours, thinking I wasn't even there. In vain, they yelled and rang the doorbell again and again. Both our doorbells were broken and my sister, who was listening to her usual shitty music with a headset, could not hear my ringing phone (a few inches from her arm) nor the shouts from my classmates (who were 5 meters away).

It is not a far-fetched idea to speculate that while I was studying in my room, thinking where the hell they were, they were right outside my home thinking where the hell I was.

And thus ends the story on how our group got doomed...


Much like a bear emerging from his winter hibernation, I am back and ready to start posting loads of information about useless things other people wouldn't know about (or wouldn't like to know about).

For the past week, there has been nothing but heavy rain and chilling cold. Thankfully, the internet connection in my computer was still available. What really made my day was the 5-day vacation I had in the middle of the 1st Quarter exams.

So here's a list of what I managed to do with my boredom in five days:

  • make poems
  • blog
  • ALMOST burn my house down with some friends
  • clean and sharpen my knife
  • lost my diary
  • found my diary
  • download "The Beatles" songs
  • read the whole Bourne Trilogy
  • watch Scrubs Season 2 (again)
  • watch 1st Season of Heroes and Eureka
  • think of five new sarcastic remarks
  • loads of other useless stuff

First Day of Exams, First Quarter, Third Year

Today wasn't too bad. We had two exams this morning and the weren't too though (although the first exam had me a teensy bit worried...).The part I love about exams is getting more money than I need. I still get my daily allowance of P150 although I only stay in school until noon. Hopefully, I'll still have enough money for leisure for Friday or Saturday (it's a choice between going to the mall or a spa).

In other insignificant news, I forgot my diary today so you can imagine how frustrated I was about not being able to write down my thoughts. So instead of the usual sitting by the window (preferably, near the fan as well) I decided to socialize with some of my classmates.

It was fun.

Confused or Afraid?

I always seem to feel confused and unmotivated recently. Like there's something I need to do but I just can't remember. Things are just so - fast and I'm not talking only about school life. Even the way I socialize has been rocked by the sudden wave of this bad "aura". Maybe it's just exam pressure or whatever....or perhaps it's fear? But Fear of what? The only thing that I'm afraid of is unpredictable experiences, responsibility and commitment (heck, I had to help a friend with a girl just to observe how falling in love can be rather than do it myself). Time...will tell...

You know, today was a Monday it didn't seem too bad. In fact, it was even better than most days. I mean, an important Research Project of our group got good marks, I passed a test in computer with acceptable grades (sadly, to my disdain, not the best) and others. Also, an old friend from Norway wrote back. The best thing that happened today was probably when I saved a puppy (yes a cute little dog from our village) from getting run over by a taxi!

Although, it's a bit sad to think my skills are so limited that I can only save puppies...in my dreams, they were often something else...someONE else...

I get it now...

I think I finally understand why I seldom share intimate or close relationships with some people. For a long time I thought that the reason was the lack of common ground or interests. But at last I realize that it had to be something else, something deeper. I finally realized that just because some of the people around me are not "politically-conscious", didn't mean they'd wouldn't behave like it...and of course, anybody still in school, especially college or university students, are going to be those liberals, radicals, or etc.

*sigh* I think it's just basic instinct for a student to declare himself a "rebel" against ANY administration he or she is under. Hey, at least radical young adults are LOADS better than those who believe that "goth" or "emo" or any musically inclined lifestyle is acceptable in society.

But Code Pink must die... (totally unrelated)

I needed a laugh so...

Two days of shit and I thought I needed something for amusement. So I found this sick (but VERY amusing) video...

Ah...sweet motivation

I always expect the worst on monday...today exceeded my expectations

I hate Mondays. My hatred for Mondays is similar to the way I hate "Code Pink" but the latter is much greater. My hatred for Mondays is almost the same as my hatred for outrageously priced computer software. Mondays to me are like weekly repetitions of "The Battle of Waterloo" or "The Battle of Stalingrad." Nothing else spoils the good mood produced by a well rested weekend than an ugly Monday.

I know Mondays are supposed to be bad but so far this is the worst. I can't recall any other Monday where I lost money, got bitten on the finger, screwed a quiz, and a tricycle running over my foot (and just recently, getting disconnected TWICE while typing this post).

I hope classes are postponed tomorrow. I am so not in the mood for an 8 hour session with absolute boredom (as if I'm ever). T_T

Just a thought...

War is necessary.
War shall exist as long as there is peace.
In War, there will always be a victor.


I hate a lot of things. But I never imagined all those things packed into one tiny stupid organization. Here's a link to one of my favorite blogs showing the stupidtiy of these naive, shallow, overglorified mobs.

Code Pink Must Die

I'm actually considering making a Code Phink or Code Rhed organization focusing mainly on harassing these sons of bitches...

How To Hunt A Goth

This is from "Uncle Drunk"'s post in Haunting Echoes...cheers to him...

This is the most extensive guide on how to bag yourself a goth. I mean who doesn't want to go out and prowl through cemeteries for the ultimate in pets? So remember if they bleed on you its a sign of want!

*Warning* This thing is quite long *Warning*

Why Goth Hunting?

The Goth Hunter behind the Grassy Knoll

* It deserves it, that devil-worshipping pansy.
* Because you can. (Ethical and moral considerations! I raise my middle finger at you!)
* If you treat it right, it may never want to leave ;-)
* Borrowing its stuff is cheaper than buying your own.
* It bit you in the neck.
* For sport, why else?
* Goths taste like chicken.
* Because of the lack of natural predators, the population must be culled periodically, or there will not be enough speed, and many will have to actually sleep- it's a humanitarian thing, really.

How To Bag Yourself a Goth

Caught in The Goth Trap


* Step 1: Plant your area with large rose bushes. Make sure they produce black or red roses, and have long, sharp thorns. Let the bushes grow out of control, until your area looks overgrown and romantically neglected. This is the bait.
* Step 2: When your prey walks by the trap, he will feel an overwhelming desire to write poetry about it, or should he not be poetically inclined (gasp!), sit in the middle of it and contemplate death. He will approach the roses, leading you to...
* Step 3: The fishnet, lace, or other material worn by your prey will catch on the thorns, rendering him motionless. If you leave clove cigarettes within reach and pump Bauhaus into your area, you can keep your goth fresh until your semi-annual goth harvest.

Unaware of his fate, the Goth leaves the club with the hunter.

Hunting by Stealth

* Step 1: Dress in your best blaze black and carry a baseball bat. Drive to an area with a high gothic concentration and mingle with your possible prey. Find a member of whichever sex you may be attraced to. Lower its defenses with Jello shots or other mind-altering substances.
* Step 2: If you can lure it outside with offers of sex, do it. Otherwise, knock it unconscious. Tie its wrists and ankles with its own dog collar and bondage bracelets and sling it over the hood of your car. Tie down securely.
* Step 3: Go home, point to the thorny brambles in your yard and the bodies hanging from them, and say ominously, "That could have been you." This will convince your goth to stay.

Surprise Attack

* Step 1: Go to your local Goth club. Use any means necessary to get close to the DJ. Have someone create a diversion while you replace his CDs with Spice Girls, Hanson, N Sync, and the Backstreet Boys. Put in your earplugs and wait for the fun.
* Step 2: When he plays the switched CDs, everyone in the area will fall to the ground in pain. They will eventually become limp and comatose. Walk among them and choose your prey.
* Step 3: Put it in your car and revive it with Sisters of Mercy. The bubble-gum pop experience will have had the effect of a frontal lobotomy. Goths caught in this manner are extremely docile, with a tendancy towards drooling.

Checking your prey over

Congratulations! You've caught a goth! But how do you know it's really a goth? What if it's a Spooky Kid, Mansonite, or Quantum? Here's a handy test to see if that vision in black really is a goth. If your quarry meets these specifications, be happy (or forlorn, if you will), for you have caught yourself an authentic!

* It is sickened by the country-style decor in your kitchen.
* It points out the window at all the other goths caught in your rosebushes, and gives you a longwinded speech about how they are NOT goth.
* It is NOT goth.
* You may not be able to ascertain its gender from physical examination.
* It just won't shut up about all those 80s bands.
* Ankhs, ankhs everywhere.

If, however, your prey is more similar to these specs, put it back on your rosebushes to starve or be picked up by its mom.

* Wearing any Marilyn Manson clothing
* Ugly, ugly, UGLY makeup.
* Gives a long explanation of what Goth is, with contradictions all over the place.
* Is wearing blue jeans or khakis, or anything from the (shudder) Gap.
* Is a girl scout, salesman, or Jehovah's Witness. (Don't put the trap in the front yard, people!)

It's very pretty, but what do you DO with it?

* The obvious- sex slave.
* Glue a lantern to its hand and make it a darker sort of lawn jockey.
* Diminutive Perky Goths make excellent garden gnomes.
* Goths with big hair can be used to dust those high, hard to reach corners.
* Film your own sequel to Edward Scissorhands.
* Pretend it's your offspring, you get to be on talk shows!
* It'll make a good test subject, as long as you are willing to inject him with drugs.
* It'll introduce you to all the best people.
* Improve your trap- put it in the yard with a sign that says "Goth Babe/Boi of the Week" over it.
* Send it out to buy you that bondage gear you've always been afraid to shop for.
* It'll make you feel reassuringly normal.

If pride comes before fall, then stupidity comes before death


It's not an official report, but I trust that this news is real.
Just go google it and confirm it.

I laughed.
So hard,
So very hard.

Should the blade be over or under your fist?

Up to now, my mind continuous to amaze me. It seems like that it suddenly thinks of outrageous yet interesting dilemmas that distract me. At the moment, my dilemma is whether I should hold a knife with the blade facing above my fist or below my fist.

Good grief, whatever next?