Miles Away

Oh darn it...there is no longer internet at my house because the virus has systematically shut me out. So the only thing left to do is to scrap the computer and salvage the hard drive for the many pictures and documents.

For now, I am at Gerona, Tarlac. This place is very peaceful and I would soon put up some pictures on my Friendster account as soon as I can. I would blog more but I only have a few minutes. Til next time...

Best Dream...EVER

I feel like shit today...but at least I had a good dream.

It began at about 2:00AM when things began to settle down after trying to explain some deeds regarding sex and a radio broadcast (that's a LONG story). As soon as I closed my eyes after watching CNN, I found myslef waking up to the face of a man screaming in my face. He was hollering for me to "get up and move". Confused and bewildered, I had no choice but to obey. I found myself walking in a column with other guys. At this point, I noticed that I was holding a very old musket and wearing a strange uniform. I recognized my uniform as a military uniform of the British Army in the 18th Century. For some reason, everyone else had helmets but me. We walked for a long time and I was amazed by the scenery (I am pleased to say my imagination is like a good video card). After what seemed like ages of walking,

***to be continued as soon as I fix the internet at my home***

"Strange" doesn't even begin to describe it

Today is the first day our Sem-Break. It should have been yesterday but that doesn't count since I had to go to school for the oral defense. Every one did well in the oral defense. One of the groups (the same group which always had "internal" trouble) had a group grade of 39/50. I guess our research group had done reasonably well in defending our research proposal. I managed to get a perfect score in the individual grade because of the extra points I got for (*shudder*) buying of Pamela's used underwear for P40. After all of III-Avogadro was finished with our defenses, we went to Angel's Burger for a splendid meal (thanks to Ayra). Afterwards, I went to Shangri-La for some clothes shopping then got myself wasted on CS: Source in Cyber Cafe for two hours.

For today, I guess just played computer and surfed the net. I was planning to walk all the way to the Rainforest Area for my morning walk but the blasted rain ruined everything!

Just too Lazy

Didn't feel like going to school today. I just didn't feel like wasting my Saturday in school even if there isn't anything worthwhile to do over there. I started my morning at about 8:00AM and naturally I went straight to the computer and started a skirmish game in C&C Generals. After that I went to the other computer and made some minor changes in my blog before loading the latest House MD video. While waiting, Azrail was OL so the for the sake of satisfying my curiosity, I asked her if anything significant was happening. It turns out her boyfriend was the one using the YM with her account. One thing led to another and I found myself in a pointless, annoying conversation with him about the Russian president, Vladamir Putin. It ended after about 20 boring minutes. I am no watching the House MD episode "97 Seconds" as I type this load of crap. I will go the mall later to buy myself a new phone and perhaps tend to the garden.

I will NOT regret going to school today. Instead of long hours sleeping on a sheet of plastic in the classroom, I will join my family in visiting my ill grandmother in Quiapo.




Aww, who am I kidding? I'm also going to Quiapo to buy some cheap PC games.

Third Manhunt - status within two hours

I'm back in the same computer shop and I just came from Rainforest Area. I would have updated my status in the computer shop nearby but there weren't any computers available over there. I went by the book and searched the last known location of the subject, which was the school grounds. By the time I got there, the whole place was deserted so I could only search the other nearby areas. Here's the fun part, I infiltrated the Rainforest Area by passing through an adjacent field in Parkwood Greens. I don't know why I did that since the target was not known to enter the area without company. There wasn't much in the way of security but I stayed on the safe side and avoided venturing wide open fields. No signs of life except for some grazing beasts of burden and insects (blasted biting mosquitoes!). I only searched the areas within 20m from the school building and i also searched the comfort rooms (those places were notorious for dumping dead bodies). Exfiltrated via the same route while wondering why I kept expecting (almost to the point of hoping) that I would find the target dead (which was very unlikely). I decided to walk to Stella Mariz, then to Kapasigan while searching nearby suspicious areas. Found nothing except for a discarded porn newspaper (which I threw away of course!!!). My third hunt concludes as a very interesting experience but ultimately a failure. Now I feel like blogging my first two hunting experiences...

The target likely went home by this time but is yet to be verified.

Third Manhunt - Status within hour 1

Nothing is more physically entertaining than hunting, armed only with a flashlight, a Swiss knife, and a wad of cash. This is my third manhunt and like
my last two, is motivated by sheer idleness and boredom. However, unlike the last two, there is a much bigger chance that I will be finding a corpse rather than a live body. I am in a computer shop in Kapasigan right now and still no luck on finding the target. I still have about two hours to spare before retiring so I guess I should make the most of it. I still have about P150 left and I will now move on to Rainforest Area...I will make another post in a computer shop over there.


Sore Eyes Part 2

Damn it! I missed one day of school. The conjunctivitis problem is getting out of hand in my right eye. While I do like being able to stay in bed all day, it frustrates me that I can do absolutely nothing (no TV or computer) without opening my bloodshot eyes. So to amuse myself, I took to talking to myself in my head. It's a good thing I have a creative imagination. I had a lengthy conversation with an imaginary person I called Mr. Libera, a personification of my former beliefs and principles.

I am going mad...

Eyes that Are Sore

Damnit, I got sore eyes from my classmates (but the source of it all is certain). I can't afford to be absent because of the exams so now I have to study with one eye shut to deal with the pain. *sigh* I can't even type a long post or write a long entry in my diary because of this annoyance.

Til next time...

15th Anniversary of October the 14th

Gah...I hate this day.

Every year, on October the 14th, bad stuff always happens to me. If I were to explain all the unfortunate events that happened on all the October14s in the past 15 years, it would take me quite a while. So for now, I'm going to write about all the nasty, horrible things that happened (or rather, happening!!!)

"The Calm before the Storm"

The day before the 14th was pretty ok. Actually, I could even call it great. Two defined this day, one good and one...well i don't know. A dream more or less came true for me, to see my classmates performing the "My Musical" episode of the TV series "Scrubs". I seriously wish I had a video camera then. The second event was very...disturbing. The second event was as likely to happen as George Bush suddenly hugging Bin Laden (but it happened anyway). Anyway, let's just say *I* accidentally hugged *someone* I wasn't meaning to (a sick person...gah, germs!). It's so cute listening to my classmates singing Scrubs songs.

And at long last, I have my room back now that my Aunt's recovered from surgery. Better yet, I now have a new (actually, it was my cousin's but he went to Canada) TV in my room! I read books for studying and wrote in work journal until I passed out at around 1:00AM.

THE 15th 14th
"Ayos lang naman. Diba Sunday naman yung 14th?"
- Spammer of the Week

I woke up with both legs cramped when I jumped suddenly out of bed (stupid cellphone's a recording of *someone* sounding like she's screaming and moaning). I awoke at about 8:00 but was only able to get up at 9:15 when the pain subsided. Walking was hard since I had to move around with a cane. Thankfully, I didn't have to stand or walk much since I spent most of the day sitting down in front of my beloved PC (that's what I thought). At about 3:00PM I went out to get a very expensive haircut. The haircut itself wasn't expensive, it was the transportation fare since I had to travel by taxi because I couldn't walk too far. That's all the bad stuff I can divulge because the other stuff is classified and are on both personal and professional levels.

I don't believe in luck. There are only coincidences. .and this is one bad coincidence.

Here's on of the funnies strips from Scrubs Comics 2.0

House Thoughts

Sometimes I am wrong.

I am skilled in observation....from reading people in situations.

But sometimes, I am wrong.

I like to study the people in my life with experiments that some would consider unfair, demeaning, and in some cases, illegal.

Still, there are times when I am wrong.

A Very Funny Video

Industrial Metal Band + Kylie Minogue's "In Your Eyes"= LOL!!!


I've been randomly browsing some entries in Wikipedia and stumbled upon some euphemisms for the word "masturbate". Here are some of the funniest entries:

  • A date with Palmela Handerson
  • fire the pump-action snot-gun
  • fucking Palm and her five sisters
  • impregnate ya'belly-button
  • keeping my sausage hostage
  • shaking white coconuts from the veiny tree
  • stroking Gandalf's beard
  • tame the dragon

  • buffin' the muffin
  • giving the funny bunny a carrot
  • feed the other mouth
  • plunging the Happy Hole
  • tossing the pink salad
  • Ya-Yaing the Sisterhood
It truly amuses me that some of my classmates think *I'm* sexually impotent or incapable of erection simply because I do not masturbate anymore. Perhaps I should prove them wrong? Haha...

US Marine Corps Rifle Creed (Full Metal Jacket)

This is my rifle. There are many like it but this one is mine. My rifle is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it as I must master my life. Without me, my rifle is useless. Without my rifle I am useless. I must fire my rifle true. I must shoot straighter than my enemy, who is trying to kill me. I must shoot him before he shoots me. I will. Before God I swear this creed: my rifle and myself are defenders of my country, we are the masters of my enemy, we are the saviors of my life. So be it, until there is no enemy, but peace. Amen.

Link to Stuff

Click here to ready a long post about stuff

Doubtless, The Happiest I've Been In Months

School last Friday ended like any other. I was downstairs with my classmates chatting away about wine, school, and other stuff, admiring a pretty red flower Pamela found, asking Rene Boy about tips on DotA, the usual after-school things. Then, as my eyes took in the sight of the wonderful clouds in the sky, as my face felt the a gently wind breeze past, I felt an sense of calm and contentment lift me up. It was at that moment did I feel a sudden urge to enjoy this splendid beauty somewhere more quiet, somewhere when I can have good rest, and that somewhere would be the Rainforest Area, a few blocks away. So I went.

I departed from school and walked there, taking in the the many sights around me. From the clouds in a slow race in the deep blue sky, to the busy vehicles passing by. I stopped for a moment to buy refreshments in the form of a P12 bottle of coke. Walking past the Rainforest Gates, I duly noted the sign saying "Closing Time 5:30". Checking my junk of a cellphone, it was still 4:43, plenty of time to enjoy myself. I went straight to the amphitheater, sitting down beside the pond. After a small while of gently brushing my fingertips on the cool waters, I took off my shoes and socks to feel the fresh grass between my feet as I lay in the grassy field (imitating what some people were already doing). For a brief moment, I have found my paradise - forgetting an essay to be written, script to be made, answers to be solved...A small yellow flower fell upon me and as I held in my hands, I quickly recognized it. The flower looked exactly like the one which grew in my grandparents' house in Tarlac. This yellow flower was indeed special to me, for it was also the first thing I ever planted on the ground, the first thing to live and grow under my care. I looked around me slowly. Above was a jet, flying by and there were birds flying freely in the sky. Around me were people, both young and old, enjoying a carefree moment. Everywhere was nature's beauty, from the trees swaying to the rhythm of the wind, the still pond....Oh, mere words are not enough to express the beauty and serenity I experienced on that day.

Alas, all days must end...That best of that day ended at about 5:30...but it ended with a genuine smile of contention etched on my face.

To Whom It May Concern

Please, by all means, you go on with your bad self

Continue your glorious war against common fucking sense and the law (with your 4 lawyers... BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA)

I support you on your righteous war, because I am in desperate need for entertainment

(munches popcorn)

I encourage you to never give in and never accept this so called "common sense". without tragically fucked up retards in the world like you, this globe would be a much less amusing place

I salute you fringe crackpots of the world! we all rubberneck and gawk in awe at the twisted wreckage of you, the traffic accident, aka the content of your thoughts


You *know* who you are...

Harry Potter :P

The story is about a boy who lives in a cupboard (i.e. "in the closet"). His Aunt and Uncle are ashamed of him because his parents were quite eccentric (i.e. "flaming") and they are deeply concerned and afraid that he will turn out just like them. On his 11th birthday (i.e. roughly at the onset of puberty), the boy discovers that he is actually a "wizard", different in both style and substance from normal people, or "muggles" (i.e. "breeders"). The boy is groomed into his new existence by a large, hairy bear of a man who shows Harry a hidden underground community of "wizards" living right under the noses of the general population (i.e. the gay subculture). Harry's first trip to this subculture involves traveling through "Diagon Alley", a play on the word diagonally (i.e. not straight).

One of Harry's first rites of passage in his new life is to select a wand (i.e. penis). The wand/penis is the most important tool in a Wizard's arsenal (or arse) and so this scene is treated with great reverence and mystery. While experiencing Diagon Alley for the first time, Harry also pauses with a group of other young boys to admire a much coveted broomstick (i.e. long hard shaft of wood).

Harry's indoctrination begins in earnest when he is sent to a special school who purpose is to train him to use his wizard powers safely, while still being able to live in a world full of muggles. Young students at this school are forbidden from practicing "magic" (i.e. homosexuality) outside of the school (this is the so-called "restriction on the use of underage magic"). They are also forbidden from using magic in the presence of muggles, who might be frightened or angered by witnessing it, an obvious and heavy handed commentary on gay-straight societal tension.

The students at this school are segregated by gender, a clear attempt to encourage homosexual relationships. The most popular pastime at the school is a game called "Quidditch", which involves riding hard shafts of wood, handling several types of balls, and trying to score points by successfully penetrating the hoop. This activity is enthusiastically endorsed by school officials for obvious reasons. Harry quickly excels at this new game and quickly becomes known for his above-average broom handling.

Harry spends a great deal of time with Hagrid, the man-bear who first initiated him into the wizarding world, but also forms a close friendship with Ron, a fellow student (and first real boyfriend). The two also tolerate the presence of Hermione, a female classmate who compensates for her lack of a penis by being a better than average student. Together, this troublemaking threesome get into mischief on numerous occasions, causing consternation and concern among the teachers.

Ultimately, the story is about Harry coming to terms with the tragic and premature death of his gay parents, who both died from AIDS (personified in the story by a cliche evil villain named Lord Voldemort). Although both his parents were struck down by the horrible disease, Harry himself was spared (though it did leave him scarred for life, i.e. infected with HIV but not full blown AIDS). Harry desperately searches for a new father figure to fill the void (either figuratively or literally) left by his father's absence. Harry first clings on to Hagrid the man-bear, then later Dumbledore, a kind but haggard old pedophile, and finally clutches on to Sirius Black, an old friend of his father's and Harry's godfather. Sirius has the curious ability to transform into a wild dog (i.e. he is an aggressive top). Harry's father had the ability to transform into a horse (a sly reference to penis size, lol horsecock). Harry himself has the ability to communicate with snakes (i.e. a deep understanding and appreciation of penises).

Harry is further traumatized when one of his classmates, Cedric, is also cruelly cut down by Lord AIDSmort. Harry attempts to warn the others that "Voldemort has returned" (i.e. AIDS is on the rise), but the majority of the wizarding community chooses not to believe this out of sheer denial. Only Dumbledore, the wise old one, and a few others believe Harry at first. Harry is at first ostracized but later vindicated for attempting to warn the community about the dangers of Lord AIDSmort. Sadly, Harry's newly adopted father, Sirius, is cut down in the process by one of Lord AIDSmort's henchmen (let's say syphilis).

Harry's career ambition after all this is to become an Auror - a dark wizard catcher (i.e. an AIDS awareness campaigner). This is the only way to ease the pain he feels from the loss of his dead friends and family while keeping other young wizards safe from the "dark side" of wizarding, i.e. AIDS.

Uninspired Poetry

"A Lost Muse"

To love one who does not,very painful it is
Yet to me tis a pain I would rather not miss
But perhaps the greatest pain
Is to love so fully, but in vain

And one can only make such limited poetry
Of dear computer machines and geeky gadgetry
With this thought, I look to the stars above
And blame the tendrils of cruel love

From unrequited love, I've broken free
And so my old muse, she can no longer me
Now my writing doth suffers and decays
As the hour drags by, and so do the

Oh, how some say my poems are good
But they feel so empty, lacking in mood
For a poet which hath no muse
He be a poet of no use